Bahamas Sees 5 Million Visitors for Second Straight Year, Looks to Promote Outer Islands

As part of our ongoing coverage of the 30th annual Caribbean Travel Marketplace, Travel Agent sat in on a press conference hosted by the Bahamas Tourist Office and learned that the destination received more than 5 million visitors in 2011. It was the second straight year the destination received more than 5 million clients.

Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, minister of tourism and aviation for The Bahamas, told attendees that The Bahamas is looking to keep the momemtum going by aggressively promoting travel within the destination.

According to Vanderpool-Wallace, the destination is planning to double the capacity for air passengers looking to travel to any of the 16 islands in The Bahamas.

"We realize there is a heavy need to promote the other islands in The Bahamas because many people don't know anything other than Paradise Island," Vanderpool-Wallace says.

Vanderpool-Wallace says promotion to the 16 islands has already begun in the United Kingdom. A new website geared at North American clients is slated to be rolled out by March, he says.

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