Barbados' Jewish Heritage to Be Showcased on TV Show

barbadosBeginning January 16, Barbados' historical tale of Jewish heritage will be featured during an upcoming broadcast series on Jewish Living Television (JLTV), revealing another glistening facet of this Caribbean gem.
JLTV has recently partnered with the Barbados Tourism Authority to showcase another tale of the island, shedding light on the Jewish population that settled on the island centuries ago seeking new opportunities. Upon landing on the island, the newcomers brought with them a fresh perspective and along with it, new ideas and a new way of life including the introduction of the sugarcane crop.
During the series, Barbados shines as the island’s well-known political and business figures tell their tale, from entrepreneur Paul Altman who led the restoration of cultural landmarks, to prominent historians who help distinguish the lasting remnants of the island’s cultural integration, from the picturesque windmills to the Dutch architecture and design that dots the island’s cities and villages.
Among the historical highlights is the Nidhe Israel Synagogue which has been restored to its original splendor after it was destroyed by a hurricane in 1831. Built in the 1600’s, this synagogue, one of the oldest in the western hemisphere, was recently designated as a UNESCO protected property within the Historic Bridgetown area and still offers Shabbat services during the winter months. Along with this incredibly unique Synagogue is a centuries-old, spring-fed Mikvah dating back to 1654 which was recently discovered by an American archaeologist.
These cultural jewels and more are chronicled at the Nidhe Israel’s museum, which effectively traces the story of the island’s Jewish heritage through artifacts, interactive exhibits and multimedia channels, from the arrival of the first immigrants through their lasting cultural and economic impression. The museum includes an educational timeline, chronicling the arrival and migration of the Jewish population in Barbados, and among a detailed history, highlights the introduction of technology for processing sugar, a main economic engine and key factor for production of the island’s world-renowned rum.
The upcoming JLTV series is available on Time Warner Cable in addition to Comcast, Bright House, Atlantic Broadband and DIRECTV. The 2013 air dates are as follows: January 16, 23, 29; February 13; March 12; April 3, 25; May 14; June 7, July 1; October 2. 

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