Belize Tourism Board Launches New Culinary Website

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) recently announced a new interactive culinary website geared towards providing travelers with a comprehensive guide on Belize's unique cuisine and restaurants located throughout the country.

SavorBelize unveils a treasure of tastes, events, traditions and specialty styles dictated by Belize's more than 10 diverse cultures, including Mestizo, Creole, Garifuna, East Indian, Maya and more.

Totaling the size of Massachusetts, Belize is the only Central American country to house so many cultures within mere hours of each other, allowing tourists to experience the distinct richness of various communities through authentic fare.

"From foodie fanatics to leisure travelers, authentic food is simply another way that people like to travel. They like to try unique, local meals, and experience culture through indigenous cuisine," said Seleni Matus, director of tourism for the BTB, in a written release. "Many tourists don't know where to eat or what dishes to try while traveling in Belize, so we created SavorBelize to be their go-to resource."

SavorBelize is accessible through Belize's official travel website,, and features information on any and everything related to Belizean cuisine.

Highlights include restaurant listings for the entire country; blog reviews of restaurants by international culinary writers; photos and more. And as SavorBelize is designed to be a tourist-oriented interactive website, travelers can post their own photos, videos and reviews of their culinary adventures online. To be unveiled in late 2011, an interactive map will allow travelers to research restaurants in their vacationing area and map out their culinary route in advance of their trip.


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