Best Ski Day of the Year

I just returned to my Studio Room at the Killington Grand Hotel after my first time skiing at Killington Mountain. Now, I only have an hour to get ready for my friend Heather's wedding tonight so I'll have to be brief. In short, here's how my day went: scrumptious breakfast, refreshing dip in the outdoor heated pool and hottub, incredible day of skiing nearly six peaks with picture perfect conditions, relaxing dip in the outdoor heated pool and hottub, and now chilling with a glass of wine in my comfy room as the Titans and the Ravens are tied 7-7.

While on the mountain, I had a close up view of Olympic-caliber skiing from the chairlift as I watched a professional skier from Alberta, Canada do a backflip off a jump before a pro from Norway who also did a sweet backflip. I'm not quite sure what the name of the race was, but crowds gathered on a trail of the Snowdon Mountain peak to watch some incredible aerobatics. It was indeed a treat after I had already skied a bunch of trails and enjoyed a frosty cup of Longtrail Ale at the Bear Mountain Deli & Lounge with a crew of local skiers and riders who were on a first name basis with the bartender. Tip: The eastern face of Bear Mountain gets the most sun and, hence, is much warmer than the rest of the mountain. Since it's also far from the center lifts, the lift lines are very short.

While I swished and swooshed my way down green circles, blue squares and black diamonds (I avoided the double diamonds to guarantee attendance at the ceremony and reception tonight). my fiancée, Jill, took a two-hour private lesson with Andrea the ski instructor. I hope Andrea reads this or I get a chance to bump into her, because I would like to thank her deeply for making Jill a huge skiing fan. We're already discussing when and where to go next to zip through some powder.

And speaking of powder, we couldn't ask for a more perfect day. Whether it was the 30-year veteran skier sitting next to me on the Ramshead Mountain lift or the family from Woodbridge, CT who was swimming in the pool with us, everyone was raving about the sun, the lack of wind, and the pure powder that fluffed up along you as you skied down the mountain.  If the rest of the 2009 winter ski season in the Northeast is anything like day 10, skiers and riders can expect some incredible treats. I saw couples, families, friends, loners, skiers and riders of all types having the time of their lives today. God and fortune have certainly blessed Heather and Omar with the perfect weekend for a destination wedding in the Vermont mountains.

At the end of the day, all Jill and I had to do was ski across a quaint little bridge to our hotel before hopping in the pool.

I now have 30 minutes until I have to be seated at the ceremony. There will be more tomorrow (maybe tonight, but it's a wedding so let's be honest).

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