Brendan Vacations Highlights Travel to the Baltic

Brendan Vacations hopes to expose travelers to the beauties of Europe beyond the Eiffel  Tower, the London Bridge and the Roman Coliseum. By taking travelers to the Western Coast of the former Soviet Union, specifically Estonia, Lativa and Lithuania, Brendan Vacations is trying to expand the preconceptions of what and where a vacation should be.

Typically overlooked, Tallinn, Estonia, Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania offer wide varieties of medieval, Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, classical and Art Nouveau architecture as well as artwork, museums, markets, cathedrals, monuments and more.  From the Riga Cathedral, home to one of the largest organs in Europe with 6,768 pipes to the Centre of Tolerance, which commemorates seven centures of Jewish culture and the approximately 100,000 lives lost during the Holocaust, these cities each offer unique experiences to peak every traveler's interest.

Brendan Vacations offers insight into these capital cities with seven-, nine- and 10-day Locally Hosted Vacation itineraries which include the assistance of a local, English-speaking Local Host to suggest cultural and gastronomic visits among other activities.

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