Caesars Entertainment Looks to Boost Popularity With Millionaire Promotion

diceCaesars Entertainment Corporation looks to send their popularity soaring with a blitz of nationwide events this summer that will turn winning guests into millionaires.  The company has made 703 millionaires since 1987, with cash prizes totally near $2 billion.

Promotions range from random raffles to complicated games of skill and luck, but all chances to win rest primarily on participants’ ubiquitous use of their Total Rewards card, Caesars Entertainment’s loyalty rewards program.  For example, in the company’s nationwide promotion, a group of Total Rewards members will be selected randomly daily.  If a member swipes their card at the right casino on the day their account was chosen, they will win $1 million.

Location specific promotions are also running this summer.  Beginning April 1st, members who swipe at any of Caesars Entertainment’s Tunica, MS resorts will be automatically entered into a drawing to receive $1 million.  Winners will be selected randomly every Saturday, and the promotion end date is not yet determined.

Casino specific promotions include a Las Vegas No-Limit Hold-em event on June 1st, and “Bowl and Roll Your Way to a Million” in Reno.

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