California Academy of Science Animal Attraction Exhibit

According to Breaking Travel News the California Academy of Sciences has opened the new Animal Attraction aquarium gallery. The gallery focuses on the science of sex in the animal kingdom, from mate selection to producing and raising offspring. Among the exhibits are the nesting and mating displays of the Australian male bower birds, the cannibalistic mating rituals of the praying mantis and salmon pink birdeater spider and parental care of the Betta fish and the splashing tetras.

The 18 tank exhibit delves into the notion that the co-mingling and passing on of genes is the most vital aspect of the natural world. Animal Attraction plans to educate visitors on why and how animals and plants have developed specific mating habits.

Using iPads as exhibit labels allows interactive learning featuring videos and digital exploration. Academy docents will also be available to answer any further questions and inquiries.

The exhibit is scheduled to run in San Francisco until at least February 2013.

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