Cayman Islands Resort's New Unique Culinary Offerings

Clients heading to the Cayman Islands can now experience a distinctive taste of the Caribbean within the confines of Cotton Tree resort, a popular boutique cottage hotel.

It all centers around a traditional cooking structure called a caboose. Similar to a barbecue grill but constructed from local hardwoods, a Caymanian caboose is a wood-fire grill that relies on a layer of sand to protect its wood base from burning.

Cotton Tree worked with Chris Christian, a local artist, to design and build a special caboose, complete with a thatch wattle and roof, to fit amongst the grape trees on the Cotton Tree grounds.

With the unveiling of Christian’s caboose, Cotton Tree guests can look forward to yet another island specialty. Here are some special features guests will enjoy:

Just steps away from the beach, local chefs will be able to serve up fried fish, fritters wrapped in sea grape leaves, limeade made from local limes, and other Caymanian delicacies

Caboose cooking uses local hardwoods like the sea grape tree, which produce less smoke, yield a taste better than charcoal, and impart a pleasant whiff of fruit flavor to the food

Cooking demonstrations will reveal the techniques used in Caboose cooking so guests can give old-time Caymanian cooking a try at home.