Celebrate Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago

trinidad and tobagoSister islands, Trinidad and Tobago, are welcoming clients who are looking to enjoy new holiday customs and treats. More than a white sand Christmas, Trinidad and Tobago’s holiday celebrations are rooted in a combination of influences from all over the world. British, Spanish and African traditions have blended with Caribbean customs to create a unique atmosphere that is authentically Trini.

In Trinidad, one of the holiday practices left on the island by the Spanish is the door-to-door caroling known as parang. To this day, the carolers, known locally as paranderos, sing spirited Spanish tunes at festivals throughout the fall and winter seasons as well as outside homes on Christmas Day. A new generation of parang, known as soca parang, has recently emerged combining the carols with Trinidad’s native soca music, giving the music a contemporary twist.

While exploring Trinidad, clients will have the chance to sample dishes and treats that are traditionally served during the festive season. Fruitcake and sorrel, a drink made of the hibiscus flower, are yuletide favorites on both islands and throughout the Caribbean, while the destination’s holiday food also includes pastelles (steamed cornmeal pie filled meat), garlic pork, pigeon peas and baked ham as well as ginger beer and ponche crema, an egg and cream-based drink similar to eggnog.

Meanwhile, on the sister island of Tobago, starting the week before Christmas, groups of musicians walk from house to house playing the bottle and spoon, cuatro and guitar while singing classic calypso carols in the streets and often collecting money for churches or charities. Tobago also has its own culinary staples for the Christmas season that visitors should sample. Paime, similar to pastelles, is a cornmeal pie, but instead of meat, paimes are filled with raisins and pumpkin. Another local Tobagoan Christmas staple is "heavy bread," which is a lightly kneaded dough made with coconut milk and traditionally baked in a dirt oven.

With authentic local charm and warm Caribbean friendliness, Trinidad and Tobago offers visitors budget-friendly options that include guest houses and stylish boutique hotels that cater to guests and offer a glimpse of the local holiday culture and cheer. 

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