Club Med, Sandpiper Bay

After two major snowfalls in New York, it's wonderful to get out of the freezing city and escape to southern Florida, where Club Med Sandpiper Bay has just reopened following a $25-million renovation. 

Thanks to Delta and its decision to cancel my flight to Palm Beach, I missed most of the first day I was scheduled to tour the property. (And really, Delta, what gives? Bad weather is one thing, but when my new flight leaves from the same airport at the same time as the canceled one, I begin to suspect shenanigans.) I arrived just in time to see a lovely sunset over the St. Lucie River and enjoy dinner with some GOs and GMs (the resort's lingo for event organizers and guests). 

The resort is not along the Florida coast, but rather further inland. The St. Lucie river is huge (and saltwater, I hear...must find out tomorrow), and serves all the functions of a private beach. The marina my room overlooks conjures images of old-fashioned fishing villages, and the low-rise nature of the resort blends in nicely with the scenery. 

The resort is presenting itself as the only genuinely all-inclusive family resort in America, and will reportedly focus on sports and athletics. I'm scheduled to try a few of those tomorrow, so stay tuned for more details about what else the resort has to offer. 

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