Colombia World Tours Offers New Diet Plans for Customers With Food Allergies

Colombia World Tours has introduced gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and personally tailored, allergen-free meal plan options for their Adventure Eco-tours.

Dr. Vivian Kulaga, CEO of the Colombian tour operator, has lived with her own struggles with food allergies and said, “I know how frustrating traveling to a foreign destination with special dietary needs can be. Trying to explain to a well-intentioned waiter - in a foreign language - that even a 'little bit' can be harmful is like trying to convince my 83-year-old Polish grandmother that her favorite sausages are actually not dairy-free.”

Most vacation packages are not prepared for travelers with special diets. Those with intolerances, allergies or non-mainstream diets have to maintain constant vigilance when they are traveling. They worry about planning their next meal or what they will be served in a restaurant. Dr. Kulaga suffers from a multitude of food allergies, including dairy and soy, and is determined to help others in a similar situation with her company’s all-inclusive adventure eco-tours. Colombia World Tours visit sites in Colombia such as hot springs, Caribbean beaches, Andean mountain glaciers, cities, and colonial towns. The tour groups are kept small; in order to make it easier for the company to manage individual dietary needs with a personal touch. They work closely with certain restaurants to ensure the quality of the meal plans, as well as hire private cooks/chefs to personally prepare the special meals as needed.

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