The Cool Pool of the Week: JW Marriott Santo Domingo's VERTYGO 101 Lounge

The stylish rooftop deck and pool at the JW Marriott Hotel Santo Domingo // Photo by Joe Pike

Millennials looking for a swanky pool scene in the Dominican Republic’s capital of Santo Domingo should book the Caribbean’s first ever JW Marriott hotel. 

In the colonial city of Santo Domingo, the JW Marriott Santo Domingo, which represented JW’s debut in the Caribbean when it opened in August of 2014, stands out as one of the only modern chic hotels in the city and offers perhaps one of the coolest pool scenes in all of the Dominican Republic.

The VERTYGO 101 lounge at the JW Marriott Hotel Santo Domingo features a glass floor terrace rising 101 feet above the bustling city street below. // Photo by Joe Pike

The main draw here is the Vertygo 101 Lounge & Bar, the Dominican Republic’s first “floating” restaurant and bar, which has a glass floor terrace rising 101 feet above the city. For those who fear heights, it can be a little scary to walk on, but it is definitely something worth experiencing at least once.

The ice cube-shaped rooftop infinity pool at the lounge beckons Millennial clients to take a dip while overlooking the beautiful city of Santo Domingo. But be careful what you do underwater, as the glass surrounding the pool is see-through. Think of an aquarium, but replace the fish with A-list travelers. 

The hotel represents a $50 million investment. It has some other really cool, out-of-the box features, including televisions embedded into the mirrors of the bathrooms and key cards that are protected from magnetic strip damage. 

The hotel is located in the upscale Piantini financial district and located inside the Blue Mall, which features several fine dining restaurants and high-end shops, such as Cartier, Carolina Herrera and Louis Vuitton

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