Costa Rica Names New Minister of Tourism

The Costa Rica Tourism Board, Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (ICT), and recently elected government officials in Costa Rica have announced the appointment of prominent tourism industry businessman Wilhelm von Breymann as its new Minister of Tourism. In his new position, von Breymann will oversee the development and execution of tourism board initiatives as well as promote the depth and diversity of the Central American country’s tourism product in the international marketplace.

The appointment of von Breymann comes as a result of Costa Rica’s April 6 presidential election following which the National Liberation Party, lead by President-elect Luis Guillermo Solís, was voted as the new governing power for the Central American country.

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“We are pleased and excited to welcome Wilhelm von Breymann as the new Minister of Tourism,” said Juan Carlos Borbón, general manager of the ICT. “His successful business background and passion for Costa Rica will provide a fresh perspective for the tourism board and foster new growth and innovation, which will assist Costa Rica in achieving its goal of positioning itself as a highly sought-after destination that is top of mind for all travelers in the global marketplace.”

A co-owner of several prominent tourism businesses since 1989, including Costa Rican Trails, von Breymann joins the Costa Rica Tourism Board with a significant background in the management and operation of tourism entities.