CSA Offers Free Emergency Services to Hawaii Travelers Affected by Hurricanes

hurricaneTravelers to Hawaii caught in Hurricane Iselle or Julio can get free emergency assistance from CSA Travel Protection - even if they don't have travel insurance. CSA reports U.S. travelers can call the company's toll free number for help.

Hurricanes Iselle and Julio are expected to hit the Hawaiian Islands over the next few days, which could affect travel plans, CSA notes. Continuing its free assistance program that started July 3 with Hurricane Arthur, CSA Travel Protection (CSA) said it is once again offering emergency travel and medical assistance services free to all U.S. travelers and their families affected by the storm.

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Anyone seeking assistance services can reach the CSA assistance centers directly by calling (855) 806-1090. Free services include flight and hotel booking, medical and legal referral, traveling companion assistance, emergency cash transfer and interpretation/translation services.

In addition to free assistance services, CSA recommends travelers utilize the following resources to help them prepare for their travels during hurricane season. 


  • Storm Prediction Center and National Weather Service provide weather forecasts, including major storm predictions. 
  • National Weather Service: National Hurricane Center, Ready.gov and FEMA offer hurricane preparedness guides and tips.

Social Media:

  • Research shows that people are using social media to stay informed during emergencies, CSA says. When cell phones won't work but the internet will, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking resources are tools for getting information quickly. Just be sure to use trusted sources that are dispelling rumors, CSA says.

Visit www.csatravelprotection.com