Dominica Launches Calendar of Voluntourism Activities

The Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) has launched a calendar of voluntourism activities to attract visitors who prefer a more challenging yet rewarding way to explore the "Nature Island." Voluntourism is a form of tourism that involves visitors traveling to another destination to volunteer their time, skills and energy with an organization, issue or cause as part of a vacation package. The calendar of voluntourism activities focuses on assisting communities to improve the lives of residents through specific projects such as education, agriculture and environmental activities.

This niche within tourism is different from general tourism, as there is greater interaction with locals. Voluntourism follows the current trend toward economically, environmentally, and socially responsible tourism, with the end goal of improving lives. Visitors with good experiences become ambassadors by spreading positive word of mouth about the destination. They are likely to become repeat visitors, to bring along a friend, and to tell friends, family, and other networks.

The calendar has been launched with six voluntourism projects to date including beach cleaning, tree planting and school painting. Activities can be accessed by visiting The DDA is currently working with private and public sector agencies to create and promote additional opportunities for visitors. To find out more, or to provide information on volunteer opportunities, contact [email protected].

The DDA aims to attract 200,000 visitors to the island by 2025.

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