An Easier Sell for Price-Sensitive NYC Visitors

Building off early success with select international markets, NYC & Company, New York City's convention and visitors bureau, recently launched its NYC Open/Book campaign worldwide. The initiative raises awareness of the value periods for travel to New York City, when visitors generally encounter less expensive airfare, wider availability of hotel and restaurant reservations, and more room to explore cultural attractions throughout the five boroughs. These dates--70 in all for 2007--often coincide with major U.S. holidays, traditionally slow travel periods for the Big Apple. The announcement came at the Travel Industry Association's 39th International PowWow. The Open/Book campaign was first introduced in the United Kingdom last fall, and later rolled out in targeted international markets, including Ireland, Italy and Spain. Each launch was accompanied by a web site featuring air and hotel deals specific to travelers hailing from each region. For more information, click "calendar" at [].