Explore MIT With Trademark Tours

Photo by Freeimages.com/YC

Trademark Tours has announced the launch of a new public walking tour of MIT and the Kendall Square area, adding to their other public tour, The Hahvahd Tour, which is currently ranked as the #1 Tour and Attraction in Cambridge on TripAdvisor. On the public tour of MIT, guests will learn about the tech industry, as well as MIT’s history and culture while visiting the main MIT campus, tour inside several buildings and experience the surrounding Kendall Square area over the course of 70 minutes.

Led by current MIT students, Trademark Tours’ public tour of MIT offers views of MIT's buildings overlooking the Boston skyline and Charles River, as well as insights into the history and culture of MIT and the famous MIT alumni who are changing the world. Guests can expect to visit the primary sights at MIT including The Stata Center, The Great Dome, The Green Building, Lobby 7, The Alchemist Statue as well as Facebook, Google and Microsoft Headquarters in Kendall Square.

Trademark Tours’ public tour of MIT will run weekends through the end of August at 11:30, 12:30 and 1:30. Tickets are $12 per adult and $10.50 for children and seniors when purchased online at: www.trademarktours.com/mit or can be purchased at the start of the tour.  

The tour meets outside the Kendall Square Subway Station at the Old Town Trolley Kiosk across the street from the MIT COOP (300 Main Street, Cambridge MA 02142).