First Hand Look at Ritz-Carlton, Cancun’s New Beach

CANCUN, MexicoTravel Agent was in Cancun last week where we had lunch at the Ritz-Carlton, Cancun. The only part of the afternoon better than the grilled jumbo shrimp we ate, or one of the new beach villas we sunbathed in, was the site of Cancun’s new beach.

I visited the same property roughly two years ago and the beach was pretty much nonexistent. And now? The Caribbean oceanfront resort has recently added to its world-class facilities a 300-feet-deep beach as part of Cancun’s $71 million beach recovery project.

The colossal enterprise contemplates extracting and pumping more than 5.2 million cubic meters of sand—using 2,137 tons of equipment, which is equal to 4,470 linear meters of pipe used on land, floating and submerged for the restoration of the sand.

As a result, the white-sand beach in front of the resort has been restored and is larger and more gorgeous than ever before. To highlight the dramatic expansion, guests staying at The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun will experience a beach celebration program that includes Casitas, Cancun’s only steakhouse on the beach that may be the hottest restaurant in the area boasting chic hand-made cabanas transformed into a private dining room in which intimate lighting and the sounds of the ocean make for live entertainment.