First Look at Norwegian Airlines' New Dreamliner Planes

Norwegian Dreamliner

We're intrigued by Norwegian Airlines' new 787 Dreamliner airplanes, which will be flying from Oslo and Stockholm to New York and Bangkok

The planes have some cool high-tech specs that we think will make them fun to fly on long-haul routes…as well as better for the environment and passengers' wallets. By using 20 percent less fuel than similarly sized aircrafts, the planes can cost less to fly, making tickets more affordable. (The planes are made of a carbon fibre composite rather than metal, which reduces the weight.) Similarly, the Dreamliners can fly more than 620 miles farther than similarly sized aircraft.

Other tech features include a quieter cabin (thanks to advanced vibration isolation in the sidewalls and ceilings, interior materials that reduce squeaks, quieter air conditioners, tighter engine vibration control and redesigned fans) and windows with an "electro-chromatic dimming system" that the airline has nicknamed "sunglass mode." 

Cabins have a lower pressurization level (1,800 meters as opposed to the conventional 2,400), which we hear reduces headaches and the effects of jet lag. (Increased humidity also helps prevent jet lag and other negative symptoms of long-haul flights.)

And while we doubt that many passengers will be consciously aware of the construction materials or the pressurization, they'll get a kick out of the touch-based entertainment system at their seats. While plenty of airlines offer individual TVs, few use the system to let passengers communicate with the crew. An on-screen menu lets guests order snacks or drinks whenever they need, without calling the flight attendants over.  

Norwegian currently has eight 787s on order through lease agreements and direct deliveries. The carrier will use the 787s to service its new long-haul routes from Oslo and Stockholm to New York and Bangkok. In November, the airline also will operate the 787 to Fort Lauderdale from Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.