Flooding Continues in Queensland

Queensland's flooding has not improved — in fact, according to a CNN report, the water could remain for weeks, as more than 1,200 residents remain out of deluged homes Wednesday. As of late Wednesday night, the report continues, the Fitzroy River was hovering around 30 feet, and it could go down only to 28 feet by next week.

Ian Swain, who operates Australia-focused tour operator Swain Tours, said that the flooding was not affecting tours to Queensland at all. "The areas that are flooded are in the middle of Queensland," he explained. "Our clients are going to the tropical north or the southeast corner." Some, he acknowledged, are asking to have their vacation spots changed, but no one has yet called to completely cancel their tours. Heavy rainfall is normal for this time of year, he added, so while some vacation areas are seeing plenty of water, it is not affecting the state's tourism industry.

Jeff Adam of AAT Kings had a similar view of the disaster: "While AAT Kings has guided tours that run up and down the east coast of Australia, we have been able to maneuver around flood-affected areas. To date, we have had to alter one itinerary, with clients on our 13-day Tropical Discovery treated to an extra night on Day Dream Island in the Whitsundays.

"Before coming to live in the USA," Adam continued, "I would travel from Brisbane to Cairns and visit travel agents in the country towns of Queensland. The people of Outback Queensland are a resilient bunch and I suspect that when this water subsides it will be back to business. As the Aussies say, "she'll be right, mate."

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