Floods Cause Damage in Queensland; Brisbane Unaffected

The first few months of the year are traditionally the rainy season in Australia's northeastern state of Queensland, and this year is proving to be much like 2011 in terms of high water. Unlike last year, however, the capital city of Brisbane does not seem to be largely affected, and flights to and from the airport are running as normal.

CNN is reporting that Australian authorities are encouraging people close to rivers to vacate their homes in areas throughout the state that are experiencing flooding, and that some people have already lost their lives to the water.

BusinessWeek is reporting that the Balonne River in the town of St. George, a town of about 3,000 people located 310 miles west of Brisbane, was expected to crest above 46 feet.

The Australian is reporting that a levee bank in the town is holding back the waters for the moment. The story also notes that the Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe thunderstorm warning on Tuesday, noting that the towns of Roma, Charleville and Mitchell, which are mopping up after the floods, could be hit. Even better, large hail was expected, although the storms were unlikely to add much to inland Queensland's flood disaster.