For Clients With Families, Sell Togetherness

disney time family travel infographicGot clients looking to get closer to their kids? The new Disney Time Survey conducted by Kelton suggests a vacation may be in order.

This advice comes as more families than ever are reporting a time crunch. The survey revealed:

•    Out of 52 weeks a year, parents only have 15 “free” weekends with NO plans – 13% said they have NO free weekends at all.

•    96% of parents would give up one thing (i.e. TV shows, internet, shopping, even  coffee!) to spend more time with their kids.

•    71% percent of moms and dads would love to spend up to 9 more hours a week with their children.

But, the survey also showed that vacations can be an opportunity for togetherness:

•    Families eat almost twice as many meals together when on vacation than during a typical week.

•    Almost one in two parents feel that only half of the time they spend with their kids is considered “quality time.” However, while on vacation, 82% of time falls into the “quality time” category.

•    97% of parents said their children learned new things about them during vacations.

In line with the survey, Disney Parks is celebrating Limited Time Magic this year featuring special experiences every week, honoring the precious, yet limited, time families have together.