France May Cut Flights in Wake of Strikes

Orly Airport, ParisThe strike situation in France hasn't improved, it seems. According to the New York Times, the French civil aviation authority said Monday that it is asking airlines to cut flights into French airports by up to 50 percent on Tuesday because of possible strikes by personnel.

Flights into Orly airport outside Paris would be cut by 50 percent, and other airports throughout the country would see cuts of 30 percent, raising the possibility that transport disruption on the rail network and highways will spread further to the skies.

A small number of flights scheduled to leave from Paris airports on Monday were also delayed or canceled after a surprise strike by aircraft refuelers.

A spokeswoman for Air France said at least two long-haul flights from Paris — to Seattle and Mumbai — had had been forced to take off with insufficient fuel, necessitating refueling stops en route. Airlines flying into French airports on Monday were being advised to carry sufficient fuel for their return journeys, according to Eurocontrol, the agency in Brussels charged with coordinating European air traffic management.

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