Funjet Vacations Creates Agent Travel Stimulus Package

Funjet Vacations has created a Travel Stimulus Package for travel agents with the goal of driving customers to travel agents and providing agents with the tools to stimulate 2009 travel and close sales. Funjet Vacations includes most popular vacation destinations, including Las Vegas. The tools in the package are intended to increase profit for the travel agent and help motivate their clients to travel.

The stimulus package includes the following components:
*    Hotel-only packages using international hotels now pay the same as air/hotel packages— up to 15 percent. They count as full credit toward earned commissions and are easier to book through VAXVacationAccess’ single booking path.
*    Domestic hotel-only packages now pay up to 10 percent.
*    Agents can set their own commissions, up to 25 percent.
*    Funjet has reduced the amount of bonus Funjets that are needed to order bonus commission certificates by as much as 25 percent in its 500 Club Exclusive Fun for Life “Cash in for Less” loyalty program.
*    Agents can get Ultra Low Prices by using new “Ultra” price codes.
*    Funjet has also reduced its fuel surcharges by $30.
*    Funjet is also adding more flexibility to its price match policies, making it possible to get automatic price matches by sending an e-mail to Funjet. Identical packages will be matched with no questions asked.