Generations Riviera Maya and Azul Sensatori Mexico Debut New Room Escape Game

magnifying glassKarisma Hotels & Resorts has announced the start of the new family-friendly The Greatest Escape Game by AthensClue at Generations Riviera Maya and Azul Sensatori Mexico by Karisma.

Each property offers two unique challenges for groups, where two to five guests of all ages are tasked with solving a mystery and escaping from the locked room in only 45 minutes. Guests will work together to solve logic puzzles and use the clues they are provided to decipher numeric, word, and key locks in order to escape before time is up.

To make The Greatest Escape Game more interesting, guests can choose between two themes: The Pirate or The Archaeologist. With the pirate theme, guests are locked in the secluded hideaway of the famous pirate John “The Mack” Bourbon, who is rumored to have found the great medal of a past Chinese emperor – and many believe that his spirit is still in the room!  Guests who choose the archeologist theme will find themselves stuck in the warehouse of Jack Trevis, an infamous rogue who also happens to be one of the world’s best archeologists and is credited with finding the secret of the labyrinth. Guests will have to work quickly because if Jack comes back before they're out of his lair, they’ll be in trouble!
The Greatest Escape Game can be played for $30 for two people, $40 for three people, $45 for four people, and $50 for five people. Guests can book The Greatest Escape Game through the concierge or butler at Generations Riviera Maya or Azul Sensatori Mexico.