Grenada Unveils New Voluntourism Program

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) has unveiled its “Voluntourism Program” for visitors seeking to engage with the local community and culture while making a positive impact. Voluntourism opportunities are available year-round in a range of sectors such as agriculture, environment, education, and health. Here’s a lineup of the voluntourism programs in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.


The Annandale Community Project is part of the voluntourism program. 

Waterfall is home to the Annandale Community Garden, where members of the surrounding community can tend to the kitchen garden and take produce parcels as required at no extra cost. This encourages healthy eating in homes that otherwise could not afford the cost of consistent healthy diets. Participants can learn how to plant and tend to the garden and make meals using the produce from the garden. The project is always on the lookout for volunteers to help garden and teach the nearby schoolchildren about the importance of eating eat what you grow. Donations of garden tools, greenhouse equipment, seeds, time and expertise are also required.

Myristic Mountain is popular for its hiking trails, farmlands, organic meals and horseback riding. The team is always open to receiving volunteers to help farm the crops, take care of the horses and assist with plantation drives.


Volunteers are required to keep the beaches and reefs of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique clean, as improperly discarded garbage is a threat to marine life and coral reefs. Volunteers can also team up with dive shops.

The Grand Anse Artificial Reef Project is the brainchild of Dive Grenada. In a bid to combat the disappearance of reefs and marine life, Phil Saye at Dive Grenada spearheads the project by building artificial reefs and placing them in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The artificial reefs are then monitored and maintained. This project includes underwater cleanups, urchin and fish counts, ID tag placement and cleaning. Additionally, volunteers can witness how new life flourishes.


The Grenada Scholarship Program provides funding to marginalized youth looking to continue on their educational path. The funds go directly to school fees, books and uniforms. The program allows sponsors to join monthly meetings to offer guidance on topics in which they are well versed.

The Mt. Rich Football Club fosters sportsmanship and healthy competitiveness amongst youngsters. The club runs via donations of equipment and volunteers willing to coach and practice with the team.

Get Swimming Grenada is a non-profit organization that offers free swimming lessons to children on the island who otherwise could not afford private lessons. Volunteers are required to provide swimming lessons for children and adults.

Carriacou Culture Train String Band teaches children on the isle of Carriacou to play string instruments and processions. Donations are welcome to help keep the art form alive. Musicians are required to hold workshops for teachers and students.


The Medical Elective in Grenada is a program that engages nurses, junior doctors and medical professionals to lend their expertise to medical services in the tri-island. Doctor volunteers are required to help coach current doctors about the practices used in crisis management or using basic types of equipment.

The Grenada Down Syndrome Association is an NGO that hosts several annual events and is on the lookout for volunteers. The group celebrates World Down Syndrome Day in March with a host of activities including a national “funky sock day” to help raise funds and awareness for citizens and their families. The “fun day” in August includes yoga, sports, face painting and horseback riding. In December, their Christmas Party volunteers help hand out gifts and host meals.

The Grenada Donation Table facilitates donations to Grenada’s general hospital and public community clinics.

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