Ground Zero Contruction Put in Motion

What to do at Ground Zero has been a major source of controversy for the past nine years. But finally last week some decisions were made. It was reported on Crain's New York that city officials have given the go-ahead for a theater to be constructed, and that below-ground construction on the Frank Gehry-designed building will begin next quarter.

But fans of the arts should wait to start buying their tickets. There are still a few obstacles to overcome.

First, after the underground work is complete there will still be a four-year wait to begin construction of the actual 1,000-seat theater, due to construction of a permanent PATH station. Come 2014 building costs for the theater will be even higher. Crain's reports that the community will need to raise around $500 million for the construction.

City officials still remain optimistic and that the arts center will be a part of the community in the coming years.

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