Halong Bay Flooding Causes Deaths, Cancels Cruises

Halong Bay
Photo by Freeimages.com/Hoang Anh Vu

The worst flooding in 40 years has killed 14 people in UNESCO World Heritage Site Halong Bay in Vietnam and forced the cancellation of cruises in the area.

Destination management company ICS Travel Group has announced that Vietnamese authorities have issued a temporary ban on day and overnight cruises in Halong Bay. 

A spokesperson for Pandaw tells Travel Agent that the company has not had any itineraries affected by the flooding so far. While the company is offering cruises in the area through the end of the season in March 2016, all of the line's excursions in Halong Bay are on local boats. Dining and sleeping are on the Pandaw at the mouth of the bay. 

Additionally, a spokesperson for Haimark says that the line has not had any sailings affected by the current weather issues, as their season does not start until mid-August. 

The Bangkok Post reports that the floods have killed at least 14 people, and that three more remain missing. A number of local tourists have been stranded on nearby Co To island, which has been cut off from the mainland by the storm. 

Thousands of soldiers have been mobilized to help evacuate local residents who have been threatened by flooding and landslides. 

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