Honeymoon Survey Results

Panning a dream honeymoon is not the easiest task for an agent. For many clients, it may be the most important vacation they'll ever take, and so getting things exactly right—and exceeding expectations whenever possible—is a must.  Couples who head to Europe typically choose Italy

A July 2007 survey compiled by the Honeymooner's Review Guide, a honeymoon planning web site, can help you get started; it pinpoints what couples are spending, where they're going, and how they feel about the booking experience. While 75 percent of couples say they used either an agent or travel web site to book their trip, those who booked online often encountered problems when they arrived at their destination. One-third of couples surveyed had complaints about their hotel stay, with the most common problems being maintenance or check-in issues. Share this information with your newer clients who might not be sure whether or not to use your services.

Hawaii remains the most popular honeymoon destination

"Most times the honeymooners don't really know what they want," says Rebecca Hunt, a honeymoon and Hawaii expert who works for Protravel International and is based out of her home in Pasadena, CA. "They have been given advice by family and friends, and it can be overwhelming. Besides just the airfare, hotel and car rental, I direct clients on where to dine and what to do." Hunt visits Hawaii (which topped the survey as the most popular destination) at least twice a year, and has been doing so for 20 years. "There is no better way to sell," she says. Honeymoons by the Numbers

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