Hotel Price Index Points to Popularity of Eastern Europe's Hotel Price Index(™) (HPI) shows hotel prices paid per room, per night in Europe in 2011 mirror prices paid in 2004, when the HPI was first launched.

While popular Western European cities like London, Paris, Rome and Madrid are still the top ranking international destinations for American travelers, the Eastern European tourist market is on the rise.

Travelers wanting a Austro-Bavarian experience can head to Bratislava, Slovakia and spend on average only $128 per night.  Comparable to visiting Austria (Vienna hotels average $166 per night) or the Czech Republic (Prague $139), Bratislava is the cultural heart of Slovakia, located on the Danube River and in the foothills of the Little Carpathians.  

Bucharest, Romania, once referred to as "Little Paris" or "Paris of the East" due to its French architecture influence is typically only $108 - $120 per night.

Krawow, Poland is a growing tourist destination due to the fact that it remains relatively undamaged from World War II and allows travelers to enjoy sites like the Wawel Castle, Kazimierz (The Jewish Quarter), and St. Mary's Church.  Krakow's hotel prices have dropped four percent and average only $112 a night.

Istanbul, Turkey is ranked 28th on an overall list of visited international destinations and still remains $75 less on average than London ($242), Paris ($229) an Rome ($205).

Certain Western European cities are seeing decreases in hotel prices: the French Alps resort town Annecy is only $145 and the Italian seaside resort town of Viareggio has dropped 32% to $176 per night.

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