HTA Provides $3.3 Million in Funding for Hawaii's Cultural, Environmental and Community Programs

Photo by bjonesmedia/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) has announced that funding support is being awarded this year to 128 programs statewide that are helping to perpetuate Hawaiian culture, preserve Hawaii’s natural resources, and present community festivals and events.

Altogether, HTA is providing more than $3.3 million in funding to organizations "committed to supporting Hawaii’s legacy through the three components of its Product Enrichment Program," according to an official HTA statement.

Thirty-one Hawaiian culture-based programs are receiving funding support from HTA through its Kukulu Ola Program. Thirty environment-based programs are receiving funding support from HTA through its Aloha Aina Program and 67 community-based programs are receiving funding support from HTA through its Community Enrichment Program.

“HTA’s funding is supporting organizations devoted to enriching and strengthening our communities through exceptional and memorable experiences for residents and visitors," said George D. Szigeti, HTA president and CEO, in a written release. "We are proud to support the groups and volunteers who make these programs possible, and admire their efforts to share the Hawaiian culture, protect our precious environment, and host community festivals that showcase Hawaii’s distinctive appeal.”

HTA’s Kukulu Ola Program provides support to community groups, practitioners, craftsmen, musicians, and artists whose efforts are perpetuating the Hawaiian culture.

HTA’s Aloha Aina Program supports efforts that manage, protect and revitalize Hawaii’s natural resources through a community-based approach. Aloha Aina aims to instill a greater sense of respect, awareness and responsibility to maintain Hawaii’s unique natural resources and environment.

HTA’s Community Enrichment Program supports projects, festivals and events that celebrate such niche areas of tourism as cultural tourism, ecotourism and agritourism.