Industry Meets in Cancun for U.S.-Cuba Travel Summit

The U.S.-Cuba Travel Summit began in Cancun Wednesday with travel professionals and Cuban officials in attendance, the National Tour Association (NTA) reports. The agenda for the summit includes presentations from Cuban travel enterprises and information on current legislation including the Peterson-Moran bill (HR4645) and the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act (S428). 

The agenda includes breakout groups with Cuban travel experts and addresses from NTA President Lisa Simon, and U.S. Tour Operators Association (USTOA) President Bob Whitley on the view from the U.S. travel sector. The summit is presented by Alamar Associates in association with NTA and sponsored by USTOA.

“I am thrilled with the caliber and diversity of attendants for the summit. It will make for some stimulating dialogue on a market that represents great potential for U.S. travel professionals,” said Simon. “I know the attendees will walk away with the information and connections they need to meet the coming demand of travel to Cuba when it opens for all American citizens.” 

The proposed legislation in the House of Representatives and Senate to allow travel to Cuba by Americans will be discussed via teleconference by Senator Bryan Dorgan, sponsor of S428. Representatives from the Washington Office on Latin America and the Lexington Institute are also in Cancun to discuss the status of lifting the travel restrictions. This includes the Peterson-Moran legislation that will develop millions of dollars in additional agricultural exports for the U.S. and open travel to Cuba. NTA supports both HR4645 and S428.

Due to current U.S. travel restrictions preventing Americans or American companies from going to Cuba, the U.S.-Cuba Travel Summit is the only chance for private one-on-one discussions between U.S. travel entities and their Cuban counterpart to discuss specific interests in the Cuba travel sector, the NTA says.


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