Kailua Neighborhood Board Looks to Eliminate Short- Term Tourist Rentals in Residential Areas

kailuaAccording to CNN.com, Kailua locals are asking the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) to stop promoting the town as an overnight destination.

Located off the southeast coast of Hawaii, Kailua boasts beachfront properties overlooking pristine white sand beaches. Even President Barack Obama and his family have made it their yearly holiday vacation destination.

In September, the Kailua Neighborhood Board approved a motion asking the HTA  "to respect the zoning and quality of life of our residential neighborhoods, and immediately stop promoting Kailua as a tourist destination and an alternative to Waikiki," according to CNN.

The Kailua Neighborhood Board has brought up the issue of illegal short term rentals to the city and the county of Honolulu, but due to the lack of staffing, it has been difficult to enforce the ordinance, accoridng to the CNN report.

In October, Hawaii's Tourism Authority's President Mike McCartney sent a letter to in response to the board's request, according to CNN.

"Ultimately, the decision of what is appropriate land use policy must be determined by the county itself. However, the HTA does not encourage or promote illegal vacation rentals that are not properly licensed," the letter read.

The board plans to re-take the issue in its next meeting in January.

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