Kim Kardashian Almost Stranded in Africa


Forgetting a passport can be a crucial downfall in travel plans, and Kim Kardashian learned the hard way when she discovered that not even customs in Africa would make an exception for the celebrity when she left behind hers, according to People. Thankfully, the starlet was safe with NFL football star boyfriend Reggie Bush when he came to save the day.

Kim was touring Africa for the Russell Simmons Diamond Empowerment Fund with her sister Khloe and her boyfriend. They were traveling from Botswana to Johannesburg after a day of diamond mining when she realized she had left her passport on the plane. African customs claimed they went back on the plane to look for her passport and it wasn't there. Bush pleaded with customs to let him back on the plane to look and luckily he found it himself. After Reggie saved the day the two Kardashain girls and NFL star resumed their charity trip.