Landslides in Portugal Kill Dozens

At least 42 people were killed over the weekend when the worst storm to hit Madeira, Portugal in 17 years caused floods and mudslides in the city of Funchal. 120 people were reported injured, and countless others remain missing.

In spite of all the damage, is claiming that the floods have not affected the hotel district: “Almost all hotels are open and running their businesses as usual.” At least one British vacationer is reported to have died.

Meanwhile, according to the New York Times, the "flash floods were so powerful they carved paths down mountains and ripped through the city, churning under some bridges and tearing others down. Residents caught in the torrent clung to railings to avoid being swept away. Cars were tossed about by the force of the water; the battered shells of overturned vehicles littered the streets."


Photograph courtesy of The Sun