Las Vegas’ Cannabition Cannabis Museum Is Now Open

The Cannabition Cannabis Museum is now open in downtown Las Vegas. It becomes the city’s first immersive cannabis museum and the world’s only cannabis-themed attraction of its kind, according to reps from the museum. Its exhibits comprise elaborate, cannabis-inspired installations built by leading experiential exhibit and event designers. Visitors interact with unique, larger-than-life art pieces, including a slide that empties into a pool of handmade foam “nugs,” enormous seven-foot buds and “Bongzilla,” the world’s largest bong at 24-feet tall. Cannabition offers audiences an entertaining, educational and photogenic journey through 12 “Instagrammable” exhibits, providing guests unique opportunities to interact with cannabis history, science, wellness and culture.

The museum encompasses 10,500 square feet, including a CBD retail store. The space is also available to host private events for groups up to 500. Exhibits include:

Entrance – A 170-foot mural installation by Las Vegas painter Gear Duran and Heather Hermann memorializing some of cannabis’ most historic periods of time.

420 – Guests entering Cannabition are greeted by a “Canna-Guide,” who provides a starting point for their immersive and “Instagrammable” cannabis adventure. The “420 Room” celebrates cannabis culture by calling attention to the three most recognized numbers in the community, 4 - 2 - 0. This classic cannabis phrase will be represented by illuminated nine-foot-tall, customized numbers on which guests can climb, pose, and play.

Seed – Here, visitors learn about the cannabis plant, which has been part of human culture for over 5,000 years. After traveling through an “underground” passage, guests will experience the earth’s strata and smell the richness of fertile soil. The exhibit’s centerpiece, a giant cannabis seed shaped like a bed, beckons guests to lie down and listen to the “sexy 70s sound” of a seed growing.

Grow – Next, guests discover cannabis is an environmentally friendly plant that is much more efficient to grow than other crops, like cotton. The exhibit features a stylized representation of an indoor cannabis grow and will be anchored by a giant, rainbow-colored caterpillar that guests can interact with. Real grow lights will be used in the room along with photo-realistic plants at different stages of growth, giving visitors a true sense of what growing cannabis looks like.

Harvest – Here, visitors get to discover the positive effects of cannabis on humanity. Guests enter a forest of vibrantly colored buds, big enough to hug. As they walk through the brilliantly hued forest, visitors learn how hemp can be used as food, how the cannabis industry has contributed to the livelihoods of regional economies and how cannabis-use promotes health, well-being, peace of mind and biological homeostasis.

High – In a playful installation that transitions guests from “seed to experience,” guests imagine they are being exhaled as they slide into the “High” room. After climbing behind a giant 10-foot bag of nugs, guests pass through stylized red lips blowing smoke down a slide into a giant pool filled with soft foam cannabis nugs. Upon exiting the pool of nugs, visitors interact with an educational exhibit. Here, guests will learn about different chemical components in cannabis, called terpenes, through a sensory-stimulating olfactory installation.

The Red Shark – For the first time ever, famous Gonzo Journalist Hunter S. Thompson’s own, personal 1973 Chevrolet Caprice—inspired by the iconic novel, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and its film adaptation—will be on display for the public, along with a few of his other prized personal artifacts.

Indica (Body High) – With the support of WVapes, guests will learn about the difference between Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica strains. The Indica Room will have a massive Buddha whose lap is big enough for guests to sit in, offering another prime photo opportunity. Strains considered “indica” dominant are believed to have an intense effect on the body, causing relaxation and sleep. Many experienced cannabis consumers know this phenomenon as “couch lock” and it is typically associated with the indica strain.

Sativa (Head High) – After leaving Buddha’s lap, guests enter another headspace in the sativa room. With floor-to-ceiling cloud formations doused with bold colors and sounds, this room represents the cerebral and energy infusing effects of Sativa dominant strains, also known as a “head high” by cannabis users and patients. 

Ritual – In the Ritual room, visitors will interact with different cannabis consumption rituals. Guests can simulate smoking from a massive, oversized Raw papers joint; swing from a Pax vaporizer tree; play with a six-foot-tall CannAmerica gummy; and have a real-life encounter with “Bongzilla,” Cannabition’s massive, 24-foot-tall bong designed and built by Jerome Baker Designs and backlit by a mural of the Tokyo skyline. 

Cannabition teamed up with cannabis-industry leaders  to sponsor their pop-up inspired exhibits. Keneh Ventures, a private equity firm which invests in the ancillary cannabis sector with a focus on industry-related properties, serves as the museum’s investment partner. For more information,

Cannabition is open daily. Tickets are $24.20 ($14.20 for Nevada residents with valid I.D). For more information, visit

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