Las Vegas Neon Museum Announces Expansion

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The Neon Museum has purchased additional land to allow for its first significant expansion. The acquisition of the .27 acres adjacent to the existing Neon Boneyard and La Concha visitor’s center was made possible in part by a $425,000 grant from the city of Las Vegas. 

SH Architecture designed the new enclosed, open-air exhibit and events space that will house 30 signs not currently on view, including those from the Las Vegas Club, Spearmint Rhino, Longhorn Casino, Sahara Saloon, Opera House Saloon and Riviera. Many of these signs were previously held in the museum’s storage facility due to lack of available space at the current Neon Boneyard. The new space will integrate mid-century modern design motifs such as a cantilevered roof, decorated concrete and stacked stone. In addition to a space to display the additional signs, the new construction will add a large covered patio canopied by a solar-paneled shade structure. 

“We’re grateful to the City of Las Vegas, whose grant recognizes the Neon Museum’s role in promoting and preserving our community’s history,” said Rob McCoy, president and CEO of Neon Museum. “An expanded museum enables us to reintroduce even more retired Las Vegas signs to the public arena and enrich the historical narrative available to visitors of downtown Las Vegas.” 

In 2015, the museum debuted its North Gallery, an outdoor space located on the existing campus just north of the Neon Boneyard. While it was once used only for weddings, photography shoots and educational programs, it is now open to the public for self-guided tours.