LGBT Tourism Expert: Waikiki Is Hawaii's "Epicenter for Gay Men"

Photo by delamofoto/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

HONOLULU, Hawaii -- As part of Travel Agent's ongoing coverage of the Hawaii Tourism Authority's Hawaii Tourism Conference, we chatted with Thomas Roth, president of Community Marketing & Insights, and learned what is hot in Hawaii for the LGBT traveler.

According to Roth, Waikiki is the hottest spot in Hawaii for the gay traveler. 

"With its shopping and nightlife, Waikiki is always the epicenter for gay men," says Roth. "Now, that's just gay men. Lesbians prefer more adventure-driven islands."

For lesbians, adventure-focused islands like Maui, Kauai and Hawaii Island, commonly referred to as "The Big Island," dominate the market in Hawaii.

What's Trending in the Mainland?

Roth told Travel Agent that, although most of the U.S. has already heavily embraced the LGBT tourist, there are still some states that are just starting to gain some steam in the market. 

Roth says Louisville, KY; Richmond, VA; and Philadelphia, PA, are three cities that are getting hot for LGBT travel. 

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