Lindblad Expeditions Returns to Egypt in 2018

Egypt Pyramids
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Lindblad Expeditions has announced its return to Egypt with the new 13-day itinerary, Passage Through Egypt. The itinerary combines explorations of Cairo and stays at the Nile Ritz-Carlton and the Mena House with a six-night cruise on the Nile aboard the 42-guest Oberoi Philae.

During the journey, guests will see Ancient Egyptian monuments, art, and objects while learning about life in both ancient and modern Egypt. Guests will travel via private aircraft for all internal flights, and will be accompanied by a team of Egyptologist guides versed in the fields of culture, art, history, and archaeology.

Highlights of the trip include:

  • In Cairo, see the treasures of Tutankhamon; explore Old Cairo, known for its Coptic churches; then travel to the thousand-year-old Ben Ezra Synagogue. Explore Islamic architecture and art, including the Ottoman-era Muhammad Ali Mosque, the Ibn Tulun Mosque, and the Gayer-Anderson Museum.
  • In Luxor, visit Karnak Temple, filled with the monuments and shrines of pharaohs; explore Luxor Temple, guarded by the statues of Ramses II; then head to the Valley of the Kings and see the tombs of Tutankhamon and Seti I (which require special permits);  and by special permit visit the tomb of Nefertari, located in the Valley of the Queens.
  • Visit the Temple of Khnum at Esna, one of the last temples built during the dynastic area; sail to Edfu Temple and see the temple of Horus; and Kom Ombo, built during the Ptolemaic era.
  • In Aswan, visit the island temple of Philae, the Nubian Museum, and drink high tea at the Old Cataract Hotel, and sail on a felucca.  In Abu Simbel, visit the two great temples built by Ramses II.
  • At Giza, explore Saqqara with the Step Pyramid of the pharaoh Zoser, a design that initiated the art of pyramid-building. Then spend the afternoon exploring the Pyramids and Sphinx. Go inside the Great Pyramid, following the narrow passageway of the Grand Gallery to the burial chamber of Cheops. See the Solar Boat, built about 2500 B.C.—and go on a camel ride.

The Cairo sojourn will begin in the heart of the city at the Nile Ritz-Carlton, in an appointed room overlooking the Nile. After returning to Cairo from Upper Egypt, guests will stay at the historic Mena House, sited at the foot of the Giza Plateau, with rooms featuring Pyramid views from their balconies.

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