Live From Virtuoso Travel Week - Customized Luxury Travel in Mexico

mexicoAs part of our coverage of Virtuoso Travel Week, Travel Agent sat down with Zachary Rabinor, director general and founder of Journey Mexico.

For those not in the know, Journey Mexico is a luxury tour operator based in Mexico running some of the most customized, upscale itineraries you can find. Rabinor, a U.S. native who now lives in Puerto Vallarta, is a fountain of knowledge on Mexico's cultural, natural, gastronomical and luxury landscape. Journey Mexico can cater to a wealth of interests and experiences, from beaches and wellness to native crafts, adventure, food and wine and archaeology.

The company can accommodate everything from private to group tours, family travelers and honeymoons. Rabinor is all about insider access, which is a common theme at this year's Virtuoso Travel Week. Luxury is about personalization, says Virtuoso President Matthew Upchurch, and this is what Rabinor seeks to bring to his elite clientele. Some of his specialities include getting clients into the famous National Museum of Anthropology after hours with a private guide. Journey Mexico is also in touch with the country's hottest restaurants, bars, street food vendors and more. In addition to the popular destinations like Cancun, Acapulco and Los Cabos, Journey Mexico takes travelers to the lesser-known regions like Copper Canyon, Oaxaca, the Pacific Coast and Chiapas.

Travel Agent will be onsite in Mexico City at the end of the month and will get an inside peek at what Journey Mexico can offer.