Lufthansa Pilots to Strike

The pilots’ union, Vereinigung Cockpit, announced today its decision to call Lufthansa pilots out on a four-day strike from February 22 to 25. In a statement, Lufthansa says that the decision was made "despite the willingness shown by Lufthansa to reach a negotiated settlement, demanded by the pilots’ union during long and intensive talks. However, in addition to demands for more job security, the union also insisted on greater say in fundamental entrepreneurial issues, which would be linked with an intervention in the Airline’s business management. That demand cannot be accepted."

Lufthansa has set up a toll-free number in the U.S. and Canada for customers to obtain information about their flight bookings, and for any re-bookings or cancellations. The US number is 800-645-3880, and the Canadian number is 800-563-5954. Information about ongoing flight operations can also be found at under “Arrival and Departure.”

Passengers who are already booked on a Lufthansa flight during February 22 to 25 and wish to change their travel plans can rebook once free of charge to another Lufthansa flight—provided their ticket is issued before February 18 and their new travel date is before March 31. Their departure and arrival destinations must also remain the same.

Applicable rules for flight cancellations caused by strike action: Should the purpose of a journey become null and void because of a flight cancellation, passengers can annul their flight booking free of charge.