Malta Tourism Authority Organizing LGBTQ+ Workshop

The Malta Tourism Authority is organizing an LGBTQ+ workshop to enhance knowledge, sensitivity and awareness of LGBTQ+ tourism ahead of the upcoming EuroPride Valletta 2023 this September. The workshop is aimed at the tourism industry, trade partners and stakeholders that will be the first to welcome EuroPride travelers to Malta and Gozo. The workshop—organized with the support of Allied Rainbow Communities—will give insight of what will be expected during EuroPride, such as information regarding inclusive hospitality surrounding the LGBTQ+ traveler. In addition, the economic turnover to be expected will also be discussed during the workshop. 

EuroPride is an annual event, held in different European cities for the LGBTQ+ community. The destination for EuroPride is usually chosen on the criteria where the presence of LGBTQ+ communities is strong and well-established. Each annual event includes parades, concerts and human rights events across different location points within a chosen city.

EuroPride Valletta 2023
(Malta Tourism Authority)

“By promoting and embracing the importance of diversity, LGBTIQ+ tourism not only enhances the travel experience but also fosters acceptance, understanding and unity across cultures and communities. As a celebration of these values, we are looking forward to hosting EuroPride this September to reaffirm Malta’s commitment as an open and diverse destination,” said Clayton Bartolo, Minister for Tourism.

Good to know: Malta has once again scored first place on the ILGA Rainbow Europe Map and Index for the eighth consecutive year, with an overall score of 89 percent achieved for LGBTIQ+ protection and human rights. Such a high score places Malta on the map as an ideal destination for the LGBTQ+ traveler, a place where it is considered safe and inclusive to the community.

“By organizing these workshops, with the participation of international experts in the LGBTIQ+ segment, the Malta Tourism Authority is helping the tourism industry to be best prepared to welcome and accommodate the LGBTIQ+ traveler with the deserved sensitivity, inclusivity and awareness," said Carlo Micallef, CEO of Malta Tourism Authority. "These workshops will cover topics that will range from hospitality to operational values within the industry."

According to Michelle Buttigieg, Malta Tourism Authority representative in North America, the LGBTQ+ training seminar "will take the Maltese Islands a step beyond EuroPride, and will likely ensure that Malta will continue topping the ILGA’s Rainbow Europe Map for many years to come.” She also noted that the destination is an active partner of IGLTA (the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association).

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