Mexico Gangs Threaten, Kill Cops Near U.S. Border

Reuters is reporting Mexican drug gangs near the U.S. border are breaking into police radio frequencies to issue death threats to police officers, which they then carry out. The last such incident included the chilling radio threat, "You're next, bastard ... We're going to get you," made by an unidentified drug gang member.

According to Reuters, the man also threatened a second cop by name and played foot-stomping "narcocorrido" music, popular with drug cartels, over the airwaves. Two hours later the dead bodies of the two named policemen were found dumped on the edge of the city, their hands tied and bullet wounds in their heads, according to the report. Cartels killed some 530 police in Mexico last year, and violence in general has hit shocking levels in Tijuana, over the border from San Diego, since President Felipe Calderon launched an army crackdown on traffickers in late 2006, stirring up new wars between rival cartels over smuggling routes, according to Reuters.