Mexico Inaugurates World's Highest Cable-Stayed Bridge

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has inaugurated the world's highest cable-stayed bridge.

The 1,321-foot tall Baluarte bridge spans a deep ravine in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains in the north.

It is part of a new highway crossing some of Mexico's most rugged terrain, from Mazatlan on the Pacific Coast to Durango in the interior.

Officials from the Guinness World of Records were on hand to present him with an award recognizing the engineering feat.

The opening of the 3,687-foot long bridge is part of celebrations to mark 200 years of Mexico's independence from Spain. It is expected to open to traffic later this year, and Mexican officials hope it will boost tourism and commerce in the region.

The Mazatlan-Durango highway replaces a notoriously dangerous winding road known as the "Devil's backbone" that crosses the jagged peaks of the Sierra Madre Occidental.