MGM MIRAGE Starts CityCenter Campaign

While business across the country has slowed, Las Vegas continues to thrive.  Maybe it’s the cheap booze, maybe it’s that chance to try for that one last jackpot, but the city has remained one of the top tourist destinations worldwide despite the economic  downturn.

Although it’s true that several construction projects have stalled or been put on hold, the MGM MIRAGE insists that its new CityCenter will open on schedule.  Slated for completion in less than 90 days, the CityCenter will be a massive 16,797,000-square-foot mixed-use complex situated on 76 acres of the Las Vegas Strip.

Envisioned as one of the new premier destinations for shopping, gambling, and accommodations, the MGM Mirage in conjunction with Dubai World have been pouring money into the project for several years.

In order to hedge their bets, the MGM MIRAGE is starting a national sales campaign to get the word out about this new destination.  Between October 12 through 15 over 50 MGM MIRAGE representatives will be visiting locations in the top 18 markets to meet with travel professionals and answer questions about what they hope will be the new “hot spot” in Vegas.