Montserrat's Facebook Fans Exceed Island's Population

Montserrat’s local population has been truly and decidedly outnumbered by its online fan base. Facebook fans just passed the 5,477 mark while on-island residents total only 5,039.

“What other country in the world can say they have more Facebook fans than actual residents?” said Ernestine Cassell, director of tourism for the Montserrat Tourism Board, in a written statement. “We believe this is a new first for Facebook. Certainly it’s notable for Montserrat. We’ve done this without games or gimmicks or giveaways; it happened the old-fashioned way, with love of a place. And our unique and often quirky little island is easy to love.”

Launched in April 2009, Montserrat’s fan page keeps its followers up to date with events, activities and the latest developments on the island. It also serves as an interactive platform where people share images, post reviews, exchange ideas and get in touch directly with the Montserrat Tourism Board.


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