New London Museum Focuses on British Music


Reuters reports that The British Music Experience, which opened in London on Monday, uses video, memorabilia and exhibits to trace Britain's musical history following World War II with in-depth looks at many different genres of the artform.

An interactive studio featuring Gibson guitars, drum kits, keyboards and a vocal studio also encourages visitors to pick up and play the instruments to live the rock-and-roll dream for themselves, if only for a few minutes.

The museum is located at London's sprawling 02 arena which Goldsmith and others hope to transform into a musical mecca in the vein of the Rock and Roll museum in Cleveland. Tickets cost $21.34.

The exhibits feature such musical memorabilia as David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust costume, Roger Daltrey's Woodstock outfit, the type of Hofner bass played by Paul McCartney and photographs of musicians.

At the core of the not-for-profit museum, however, are exhibits that allow people to sing, dance and play. In addition to the music studio, would-be rock-and-rollers can also test their pipes in a vocal studio or learn any of 12 dances in a special booth, including the macarena, the hand jive and disco.

The organizers acknowledge that opening a museum in struggling economy could prove difficult.

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