No Initial Injuries, Damage Reported in San Francisco Earthquake

Map by the U.S. Geological Survey

A magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck the San Francisco Bay Area Thursday morning.

USA Today reports that the 4.5 magnitude earthquake hit 1.9 miles from Berkeley, in the Hayward Fault area, which lies along the foot of the East Hills. Residents experienced a short, strong jerk followed by a few seconds of shaking.

According to NBC News, the earthquake took place just after 2:30 a.m. local time. Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin said that he would be monitoring for damage and told people to be wary of aftershocks.

According to the Los Angeles Times, travelers could feel several jolts in the San Francisco International Airport. Local transit workers completed a system-wide check for damage, finding none. Emergency managers in San Francisco said they will inspect all city facilities and infrastructure for damage Thursday, although there were no initial reports of damage or injuries. All told, the earthquake is not expected to cause major damage, although there is a possibility older structures in the area could have sustained minor damage.

The Times reports that the epicenter was along the Oakland-Berkeley border, just north of the Claremont Hotel. The Hayward Fault there is one of the most feared in the Bay Area, because it is capable of producing a magnitude 7 earthquake or greater and lies directly under heavily populated areas.

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