Our Readers Weigh in on Sri Lanka

On Monday we told you why we approved of Sri Lanka as the New York Times' pick as the number one place to go in 2010, which sparked a debate among our readers.

Today Daily Candy, a lifestyle web resource, also voiced its support of Sri Lanka's ranking on the list.

It was praised as "the best place" that Daily Candy writers had ever been, offering a host of places to go, things to see and where to stay. The article was sure to mention the elephant in the room - the war - but it was sure to include that "Sri Lanka is now stable and safe - and as beautiful, tropical, and friendly as ever."

What Our Readers Are Saying

We always like when our stories spur discussions from our readers. This article in particular was a popular outlet for them. While most of the comments sang Sri Lanka's praises, concerns around the country's military and government troubles were still voiced. Jack Maddox wrote:
This country has engaged in human rights abuses for sometime now. Their leaders have been accused of war crimes. Few miles from your place of enjoyment the army holds thousands of people against their will in camps and prisons.  NYT should be ashamed of itself.

DEVONECO fought back, posting:
...I don't believe you will ever be able to prejudice any normal person from agreeing that Sri Lanka is the Top Tourist Destination as named by the New York Times. Whatever you have said will not deter anyone from going there to enjoy its beauty and friendly people...

And the most ubiquitous opinions expressed can best be summed up by Nille, who shared:
Sri Lanka is absolutely one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The people are just so friendly. One of the best things we could do for these people now when the war is over, is to go there. I have been there countless times, and I hope to go there this year again. Recommended!

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