This Puppy's Working K-Nine-to-Five

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So. Now it's come to this. We've told you about dogs who travel. And then there are the dogs who stay as guests. Now, we have a dog breaking into the other side of the travel biz -- she's come to join the staff.




The Hudson Valley's Tarrytown House Estate & Conference Center today proudly introduced its newest employee. Lady is a year-old black Labrador retriever, and she's been brought onboard for a very specialized skill: she's responsible for chasing geese away from the 26-acre property. Apparently, geese have been a major problem for the center's lawns, so Lady is replacing the once-a-week collie service the hotel used to rely on to keep the birds away. This is the next logical progression in the pets-in-travel trend.

Of course, she'll be acting as a bit of a hotel mascot, as well. The dog has her own Facebook page and a fan club, and she can be emailed at [email protected].

“She’s doing a fantastic job for us, and we’re happy that we can provide her with a beautiful place to live and work,” said general manager Joe Santore.

Tarrytown House is set on 26 acres overlooking the Hudson Valley and is located 25 miles from midtown Manhattan. It is certified by the International Association of Conference Centers as the nation’s first conference center.